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Letters from the DesertThis month I begin working through my list of five books I recommend to beginners on a spiritual journey. I found Carlos Carretto’s, Letters from the Desert to be a great starting point. Everyone I know that has read this book has treasured it, and it is certainly among my favorites. I sometimes reread sections or chapters during the Lenten season. See my book review column inside the February newsletter.

Speaking of lent, the season is upon us. Ash Wednesday is February 13. Have you considered what to honor this year as a Lenten commitment? As a part of my own Lenten observance I am committing again to contemplative prayer. More than my own practice of a daily discipline, I really want to offer the opportunity to experience contemplative prayer to others. This will require my rearranging my schedule quite a bit.

I will begin in the congregation and encourage you to find one of the
time slots from Monday through Friday that you might attend. You will notice that on certain days I will offer the contemplative experience in a variety of practices such as lectio divina and prayer walking. Hopefully this will appeal to a wider group, but beyond the appeal, this is an opportunity to live out a prioritized commitment to God and to your own spiritual formation. I apologize ahead of time if the times are somewhat inconvenient. Again, this is a time to make a prioritized commitment beyond convenience. It is only for the Lenten season.

Finally, this is an opportunity for our congregation to reach out and to serve the community. I need your help. Talk it up! Tell folks what you’re doing! Invite them to experience for themselves. I have a vision that this chapel on the hill could be a stop off place for all people in our community to come inside for a few minutes and take the stress off and truly leave it with God. Wouldn’t that be awesome? People need to know that we are here!

Talk it up!
Pastor Doug